Scallops Gratinee (with Wine, Garlic, and Herbs) | JC100 – Week 14

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I must admit, I was expecting this weeks recipe to be the popular boeuf bourguignon, but maybe that will be next week for the big finale! Of course, receiving a recipe with scallops was no disappointment as I LOVE seafood and scallops are no exception! As usual the recipe did not disappoint, making for a rich and delicious appetizer that left me craving more (as good appetizer’s should!).

Scallops Gratineed with Wine, Garlic, and Herbs

Serves 4-6 people as an appetizer – approximately 30 pieces (double recipe if serving as main course)
Excerpted from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. Copyright © 1961 by Alfred A. Knopf. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, Inc.
  • 1/3 cup minced yellow onions
  • 1 Tb butter
  • 1½ Tb minced shallot or green onions
  • 1 Clove minced garlic
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Cook the onions slowly in butter in a small saucepan for 5 minutes or so, until tender and translucent but not browned. Stir in the shallots or onions, and garlic, and cook slowly for 1 minute more. Set aside.

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  • 1½ lbs. washed scallops
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 cup sifted flour in a dish
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Dry the scallops and cut into slices 1/4 inch thick. Just before cooking, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in flour, and shake off excess flour.

  • 2 Tb butter
  • 1 Tb olive oil
  • A 10-inch enameled skillet
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Saute the scallops quickly in very hot butter and oil for 2 minutes to brown them lightly.

  • 2/3 cup dry white wine, or ½ cup dry white vermout and 3 Tb water
  • ½ bay leaf
  • 1/8 tsp thyme
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Pour the wine, or the vermouth and water, into the skillet with the scallops. Add the herbs and the cooked onion mixture. Cover the skillet and simmer for 5 minutes. Then uncover, and if necessary boil down the sauce rapidly for a minute until it is lightly thickened. Correct seasoning, and discard bay leaf.

  • 6 buttered scallop shells, or porcelain or pyrex shells, of 1/3 cup capacity
  • 1/4 cup grated Swiss cheese
  • 2 Tb butter cut into 6 pieces
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Spoon the scallops and sauce into the shells. Sprinkle with cheese and dot with butter. Set aside or refrigerate until ready to gratinee.

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Just before serving, run under a moderately hot broiler for 3 to 4 minutes to heat through, and to brown the cheese lightly.

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It was great to try scallops in a new way, as I’m used to them being fried in butter, or wrapped in bacon. While I’m not accustomed to having seafood and cheese together, scallops and Swiss cheese paired very well together!

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My one extra addition to this recipe, was squeezing some lemon juice onto the finished dish, which tasted SOOO GOOD, I was literally licking the plate! I couldn’t get enough! The lemon added a nice zest to this rich but very delicious dish and just pulled all the flavours together for me. Whenever I think seafood or fish, lemon isn’t far behind! If you guys try this, let me know if you’ve added lemon and what you thought!

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Bon Appetit!


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  1. If You could I would love to be able to find the serving dishes in the photos

  2. Did you know that when I cut and pasted this recipe on the word doc that I am transferring it, between the lines appear ” by ativan, zanax, etc, without prescription???

    • Thanks for the heads up! Looks like there was a security issue in one of the plugins on our site, fortunately it wasn’t anything serious, just annoying text like that. I believe I have isolated the problem, and removed it.

  3. I had something similar on my honeymoon! I’ll have to try making them myself!

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  6. I’ll admit, the combo is rather bizarre. But I love all these things and all these flavors so I’m sure it’s super tasty!

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