Campfire Crescent Dogs VIDEO

Campfire Crescent Dogs | #campfire #camping #bsinthekitchen

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 As you may know from this post I wrote a few weeks ago, I have joined the team of bloggers, and have been working on some exciting video projects! I recently wrapped up the third one, and have a couple more in the pipeline that I will be sharing as they are published!

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When the idea for a campfire video was proposed, I loved the idea, and had the perfect plan for it! My parents live on a beautiful acreage that I knew would provide a great backdrop for everything! Unfortunately, the day I decided to make the video, it was really windy, hardly ideal for making a campfire (especially one I would be filming)! Undeterred, I set about making a wind barrier around the fire pit, and soldiered on, roasting, eating and filming Many delicious crescent dogs!

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I’m really happy with how this video turned out. Wind aside, the biggest challenge I had when producing this video, was creating an appropriate piece of music that fit Tablespoon’s style, while maintaining that campfire vibe. I set out to make what I was calling “Campfire Club” music, unsure exactly how I would achieve that, I’m really happy with how the track turned out!

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You can check out the full recipe and blog post on Tablespoon here:

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Thanks for tuning in!

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