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Black Forest Cake Cookies

I’m often searching for new cookie recipes – something that is a bit out of the norm or takes a spin on a new classic. So when a friend told me his favourite cake was Black Forest Cake, I immediately thought to myself…’hmmm. I bet I can make that into a cookie…’. To make these delicious cookies, I altered my favourite recipe for s’more cookies & came up with this… Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandies

At work we recently hosted a bake sale to help out a fellow employee that was going through some challenging times within their family. The bake sale, 50/50 and donations all went to help this family out. As a new employee this really impressed me and showed how much the company truly is a ‘family’ – the most functional, dysfunctional family, but still a family. For the bake sale I made these yummy little homemade ice cream sandies (aka. sandwiches). Within one day of ¬†fundraising we’ve raised approximately $2,500 for our fellow employee! Impressive if you ask me! Continue reading

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

A ¬†few of you BS’ers may know I started a new job at a fabulous company – now let me tell you something you don’t know: There is a BAKING CLUB at work! Yes, I know. Jealous right? So with an office full of cookie lovers, it only made sense to try these unique Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies:
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Vintage Peanut Butter Cookies

During his visit, the LD also requested peanut butter cookies (actually he’s been requesting these for a while, but I haven’t had the time to bake them). In the process of making these cookies, I discovered that finding a base recipe for classic peanut butter cookies is actually fairly challenging. So if you’re looking for a spin on the traditional PB Cookie, they are definitely out there and a simple Taste Spotting or Food Gawker search will find them.

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German Chocolate Cake Cookies

Given the fact that our last name translates into “Germaner” (or for a direct-literal translation: German Boy), it’s about time that we feature some true german food! Now everyone at one point in their life has probably had German Cake – rich chocolate slabs of cake with layers of gooey, creamy coconut-nut filling topped with chocolate icing. But I can almost guarantee none of you have had these: German Chocolate Cake Cookies!

I know you’re drooling already, so as us German’s say: “zum Rezept bekommen”
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Have I just discovered the perfect cookie? The S’More Cookie

S'more Cookies |

Okay BS’ers, big news here: I think I may have just discovered the perfect cookie. It’s chewy, perfectly sweet and filled with chocolately goodness!

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World’s Best Cookies!!

Homemade Oreo Cookies |

It’s been a few days since Bob or I last posted a recipe, so let’s start the week off on a good foot by giving you not one, but TWO recipes in today’s post! These two cookie recipes are two out of my top three favorite cookies to make. They are chewy, great tasting and guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. So, sit back, relax and soak in the goodness of the Homemade Oreo Cookies & Monster Cookies.

Recipe Number One: Homemade Oreo Cookies

These cookies have ranked themselves as favorites for many of my friends and are frequently requested as treats for meetings. Luckily, these cookies are reasonably quick (as long as you have all the ingredients on hand and don’t have to run to a grocery store) and are a blast to make! Just think of it as a little sandwich assembly line!

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