Cedar Planked Honey Dill Salmon

Well whataya guys know, Carlene finally started posting again! Nice change up from my manly posts hey? Well what’s manlier than cooking on cedar planks? NOTHING. That’s what…well not really, but cedar planks certainly add a nice flavour. Once again, we have another first. My first time using cedar planks, mind you, these were also a bit of a test purchase, seeing as I bought them from Dollarama…No offense to Dollarama, but I think I got what I paid for. They certainly did smell amazing and added some great flavour to the salmon, but they started on fire really easy…OOPS! Well enough with the chit chat and onto the cooking! The Honey Dill is very simple:

Honey Dill Glaze
1 Cup Honey
1 Lemon (Squeezed and zested)
1 Tsp cornstarch
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

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Just add all the ingredients together in a sauce pan, adding the corn starch in last after stirring it in a separate cup with some warm water (to avoid clumping). Bring to a boil, then take off heat while stirring and repeat until desired thickness.

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For the salmon, lay it on the cedar plank (after soaking them for 1-4 hours) and spread some salt and dill on the salmon. Barbecue the salmon on medium-high heat for around 10 minutes (or until flaky). Lightly spread the glaze on the salmon at the beginning and throughout cooking, near the end spread the glaze on more heavily. Take off grill and feast!

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Hope you enjoyed this and try it out yourself!

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