Colorful Cupcakes

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Because I haven’t had much time lately to get into the kitchen, I thought I’d post a quick cupcake recipe. I made these cupcakes last year for an organization I’m involved with called JDC West. The main theme colors of JDC West are blue, yellow and white – which would be why the cupcakes followed suite!

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I quickly whipped up my go-to “Ah I don’t have enough time to make cupcakes from scratch” recipe and a simple¬†butter cream¬†icing recipe. Now, the difference with this recipe is that I divided my cake mix into three bowels and using food dye, colored each bowl a different color: 1) blue 2) yellow 3) original (just plain vanilla cake mix). When putting the cupcake batter into the cupcake tins, I just used a tbsp from each color, plopping them on top of each other (but being careful not to swirl them together) & violia! Colorful cupcakes!

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Try taking these cupcakes for a spin – use different colors, more colors, less colors, any kind of colors! Just take some time to be a kid again!

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Peace, Love & Cupcakes,

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