First Timer’s Luck: Macarons

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Well people – the day finally arrived….the day to tackle my fears of egg whites and make macarons….

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I do have to say for the first time making these little suckers, they turned out rather well and actually weren’t as finicky as I thought they might be! The only reason people might warn against making macarons, is because there is a HIGH chance you’ll end up eating them all yourself!

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For my first time, I made basic chocolate macaroons following a great recipe from Flour & Butter. Much like her, I dove right in without the patience to temper my egg whites over a few days. However I learnt a few things while making these little babies that I will change for next time:

  • Further ground the almond flour (I bought it at the bulk barn and could have used a bit more grinding)
  • Purchase a flour sifter
  • Try letting the egg whites sit for a few days
  • Experiment with new flavours
All and all, these little suckers are too scary and I’d recommend everyone giving them a hand – their taste alone is worth the fear!!
– Carlene
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3 responses to “First Timer’s Luck: Macarons

  1. I agree with you Cindy they look and taste divine! I just hope I can grab one now! :)
    And Carlene, congratulations on conquering your fears! :)

  2. Congrats with the success!

  3. These are the cutest lil desserts. And they taste divine :)

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