How to Grill Corn VIDEO

How to Grill Corn | #corn #barbecue #bsinthekitchen

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Did you have braces?

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Does the thought of corn terrify you?

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If so, I apologize in advance, this post is not for you, but for the sake of others I must go on! In the latest installment of videos, I present to you “How to Grill Corn”, a quick recipe video detailing the process of grilling corn in their husks to some bumpin’ tunes (made by yours truly)!

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I was blessed with straight teeth, and fortunately didn’t have to exile my pearly whites to years behind bars. As a result, my love for corn has remained strong and every summer when corn is in season, I fully embrace it!

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Check out the video below and the full blog post here:

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One response to “How to Grill Corn VIDEO

  1. I love corn, but have never grilled it. Clearly I am missing out.

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