How to Roll a Spring Roll (VIDEO)

How to Roll a Spring Roll (Video) | #dinner #vietnamese #bsinthekitchen

I have some exciting news to announce! After making a promotional video for National Grilled Cheese Month (watch it if you haven’t!), I was contacted by (a website under the General Mills brand). They wanted to know if I had made the video (I did!), as they were interested in a video partnership to produce similar content for their website! After emailing back and forth, we decided a great topic for the first video/blog post would be “How to Roll a Spring Roll”.

The post and video went live on their website on May 29th, so I can finally share it with you guys! You can check out the video below (let me know what you think!) and get the full recipe on their website here:

I’ve already got two more videos in the works (if you follow me on Instagram you can probably guess what they are!). I can’t wait to create more food videos and share them with you guys!



If your company is looking to create similar video content, shoot me an email at!

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