How To Roll Up The Rim To Win – Tim Hortons

It’s that time of the year again!! RRRRRROOOLL UP THE RIM TO WIN is back at Tim’s! While I don’t particular enjoy Tim Hortons coffee, I find myself gravitating towards it lately, solely for the fact that I can get my coffee fix AND some excitement anticipating the message under the rim! So for all those Timmies addicts, who find themselves hurriedly chewing on the rim of their cup, trying to get to the winning message, this post if for you! CHEW NO MORE! This is the EASIEST and BEST way to roll up the rim!

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First get your cup properly oriented to the arrow!

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Then place your thumbs on each side of the message, like so:

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Druuumroooll please! ….Push the rim in, flattening it, and push up on the rim of the cup with your thumbs, rolling up your rim with ease to display that winning message!

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Special thanks to my wonderful hand model Amber and my lovely girlfriend Megan, who supplied me with her empty cup, which actually ended up being a winner! (I think the cup knew it was being featured in a blog post).

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Happy rrrrollin!

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