Jerry’s “Big Smoke” Artisan Burger Review

When I was invited to Jerry’s Food Emporium to try out their new Artisan Burgers, I was thrilled. First off, free food is high on my list of favourite things and secondly, after looking through the press release and watching the video on Jerry’s Artisan Burgers, I was drooling over the flavour pairings they are doing with these burgers. Trying to decide which burger to go with was definitely a challenge, but I ended up ordering the “Big Smoke” which was the staff favourite, as well as the Greek lamb burger which was Elyse, the co-owner’s favourite.

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This was the first time I had been back to Jerry’s since they had renovated so it was nice to see the changes. The new design looked great, maintaining the same feel you got when walking into the old Jerry’s, but cozier, with a design that is much more consistent than the previous. The re-design gave Jerry’s a more professional, unique look, with its accent walls, a fireplace mantle utilizing historic pieces of wood, and even a “lawsuit” corner, detailing A & W’s complaints about Jerry’s use of “Mozza”. But enough about the building, let’s get to those burgers!

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First up, we have the “Big Smoke” containing nearly a 1/2 pound of 100% local Angus beef, custom made Jerry’s smokey barbecue sauce, horseradish mayo, smoked Canadian back bacon, double smoked cheddar, sauteed onions, topped with pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and Jerry’s freshly baked hamburger buns! I knew I was going to like this burger before I even tasted it and just the smell of it alone was amazing!

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With all of my excitement building, I was not disappointed by this burger at all! The fresh bun was excellent. It was light and didn’t overload the burger with an abundance of heavy bread. The 1/2 pound of locally grown Angus beef was lean but well cooked and extremely juicy, leaving me with some very messy hands (ended using about 12 napkins)! Personally I could have done with a slightly thinner patty, to make the entire burger more manageable, but maybe I was just talking too much and not focusing on my task at hand! From the patty, this burger only got more savory, piled with one of my favourite ingredients: sauteed onions. Using back bacon versus regular bacon was also a great choice on this burger, as it didn’t overpower it with smokey bacon flavour and let the other flavours really shine through. My favourite part of the “Big Smoke” burger was the drizzling of Jerry’s custom made smokey barbecue sauce on top of the beautifully melted double smoked cheddar. With all the great flavours on this burger, the barbecue sauce had a great tangy zip along with its smokey flavour that was able to cut through everything and compliment it perfectly!

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Overall this burger was excellent and just thinking about it afterwards got me hungry and craving another one! I really think Jerry’s needs to start bottling their smokey bbq sauce and selling it because it was amazing and I would definitely pick some up! I urge all our readers in Saskatoon or those visiting, to stop by Jerry’s and try an Artisan Burger for yourself and less us know your thoughts on them!

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Happy eats!

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– Bob

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For more info on Jerry’s Food Emporium check out their website here:

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2 responses to “Jerry’s “Big Smoke” Artisan Burger Review

  1. Does it really look that cute in there now? That’s awesome! Are they still in the same location?

    • Yep!! Next time you’re in Saskatoon let’s go there and make our own artisan burger – yummmmmy! I went on my bday and made a turkey burger on a ciabata bun with a grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, mango/cucumber relish with brie cheese – tasty & healthy (kinda haha)


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