Jerry’s Greek Artisan Lamb Burger Review

Hey Folks, it’s time for my review of the Greek Artisan Lamb Burger from Jerry’s!

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This burger was much more manageable in comparison to the Big Smoke’s Angus beef patty, which in some people’s opinions would be a downside, but I enjoyed the easier to eat size. I decided on this burger because Elyse (the co-owner) mentioned that it was her favourite, along with the fact that I really enjoy lamb and feta cheese!

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The flavours were quite simple, a lamb burger topped with Tatziki sauce, crumbled feta cheese and grilled green peppers, as well as the traditional burger toppings. Combining the zip of tatziki and saltiness of feta came together as a rich and creamy sauce that I reeeally enjoyed. Typically i’m not crazy about green peppers, but having them grilled sweetened their flavour and blended right in with the rest of the flavours and added a little extra crunch which I enjoyed. Overall this burger was delicious, although a little bit more expensive with the $2 addition for the lamb burger. If you are in the mood for a burger with a rich and savoury topping, the Greek burger is definitely your pick!

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Go check out Jerry’s in Saskatoon and let us know what you think of their Artisan Burgers!

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One response to “Jerry’s Greek Artisan Lamb Burger Review

  1. I recently also went to Jerry’s and made my own burger (Turkey burger on the ciabata bun with a grilled pineapple, brie cheese, mango cucumber salsa and caramelized onions) and WOW was it ever awesome!! Their fries are also great – I also prefer to dip mine in a mix of tartar sauce & ketchup.

    These burgers are on the pricey side (~$15), but worth it! I just wish I would have saved room for some of their awesome ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelatos!


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