Mickey Mouse Egg Sandwich

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Experience the magic of Disney for breakfast with this awesome little Mickey Mouse cutter!

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Recently Carlene went on her first trip to Disney World to attend a conference for work, not only did she have an amazing time but it made her happy enough to buy me a present! Of course it had something to do with cooking! No complaints here though.

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So there really isn’t any thing special about the actual recipe, other than the fact that IT’S SHAPED LIKE MICKEY MOUSE! Just take some bread, cheese, ham and cut them with the Mickey Mouse cutter. For the eggs, put the cutter in the pan, on high heat, place some butter in the bottom and crack an egg into it. You only want to let the egg cook on high heat until the bottom is solidified so it doesn’t leak out of the cutter. Once it has cooked enough, turn the heat down to medium and cook until finished.

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If you don’t want to waste anything, you can even use the cut slices of bread make Mickey Mouse egg in a hole!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this fun meal and go and try something like this yourselves!

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2 responses to “Mickey Mouse Egg Sandwich

  1. Awww it’s so cute! Big disney fan, but alas, no cookie cutter.

    However I do have a heart one, and I think it could be fun to make heart shaped breakfast sandwiches on valentines day 😀

    Thanks for the idea!

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