Omelette Roulee w/ Asparagus & Parmesan Cheese | JC100 – Week 1

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Last week, Carlene and I got an email asking whether we would be interested in celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday by joining many other foodies in cooking a Julia Child recipe each week! Always interested in trying new recipes, especially those from a culinary icon like Julia Child, we opted in! Every Monday¬† over the next 100 days leading up to Julia Child’s birthday, we will be receiving a a recipe and the option to cook and blog it. Check out the Facebook page (and several other social media channels) to learn more about this awesome celebration and discover what recipes they post every Thursday.

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I was quite happy that the first recipe was an omelette, since I don’t have much free time lately, and am all for quick recipes! Having never tried making an omelette this way, I was both scared and excited! I envisioned disaster as I attempted to jerk my pan and roll my eggs over without using any sort of cooking utensil, but much to my surprise it worked wonderfully!

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While a plain rolled omelette would have been wonderful, I had asparagus and Parmesan cheese in the fridge and according to Julia, these make wonderful fillings, so of course I was gonna put them in!

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Start off by steaming your asparagus to desired tenderness and chopping the head off the asparagus for your omelette (filling your omelette with them along with the cheese when ready). I’ll leave it to the expert to explain the rest of the recipe! If you have trouble reading the embedded version, try this one.

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Here is a video of Julia Child in action!

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Now some perfectionists may hate on my browned omelette, but the pan I was using was a little small, so I cooked it a little longer, allowing the middle of the omelette to properly cook. This worked out just fine for my liking, since I typically fry my eggs until the bottom is crisped and browned. I got the best of both worlds with a browned outside and a soft inside!

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This was SUPER quick and very tasty! I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was, especially being my first time using this method. Don’t hesitate to try it out for yourself!

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Hope you enjoy the recipe and stay tuned for more from JC100!

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