Red Clover Blossom French Toast with Toasted Coconut & Pecans

The other night I was really craving something with a bit more of a ‘junk food’ taste, but with the weather outside being -45°C I really didn’t feel like braving the cold to grab something to eat and I also didn’t want to pay for delivery, so I looked through an empty fridge to see what I could make to satisfy some cravings and wouldn’t take too long to make. I then remembered I had a bottole Red Clover Blossom Syrup that I received as a gift and I’ve been wanting to use for a while. The creation to combine a craving & this unique syrup? Red Clover Blossom French Toast topped with Toasted Coconut & Pecans.

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French toast itself is pretty basic and easy to make. Combine the below ingredients in a low dish and whisk until smooth. Dip in a slice of whole wheat bread (or any bread you’d like) then cook on a frying pan on low heat for 3-4 minutes on each side until the bread turns a golden brown.

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Top your french toast with roasted coconut, toasted pecans and a splash of Red Clover Blossom Syrup to add to the nutty, full flavours.

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(I’m also sure some of you are wondering what Red Clover Blossom Syrup tastes like: it’s a light, fragrant and nutty tasting syrup. I would definitely recommend ordering some of this – you can order off the Bedard Creek Acre’s website. I also know it can be found at Farmer’s Markets across Western Canada.)

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3 responses to “Red Clover Blossom French Toast with Toasted Coconut & Pecans

  1. Hello
    We at Bedard Creek Acres have made your french toast recipe with our Red Clover syrup and LOVED it. We would like to publish your recipe on our next printing of recipe cards that we hand out with our syrup sales at the local trade shows and markets that we attend. We would attribute the recipe to you and list the blog address under the recipe. We humbly ask your permission to print and distribute this amazing recipe.

  2. Hey, Carlene~ so glad that you were able to make something yummy from the Red Clover syrup we gave you …. and how delightful that you gave a shout-out to the home grown Saskatchewan family business that makes it! Keep well, Cheers, Karen & Blair

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