Review: Jerry’s Roughrider Ice Cream

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You had me at spearmint… or ice cream….jerry’s….. or cookie crumbles… or roughriders….. Well… you pretty much had me from the first few words!

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We recently were invited to do a review for Jerry’s Food Emporium here in Saskatoon for their newly launched Rider Pride Ice Cream. And Oh.Em.Gee. This stuff is amazing people. It’s one of Jerry’s great artisan homemade ice cream (yup, that’s right made with only the freshest and best cream, sugar, eggs, milk and spearmint) and just like all of Jerry’s ice creams, it does not disappoint.

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For a complete review on the flavour, it’s a great balance of cream and spearmint with the occasional cookie crumble. My only recommendation for this ice cream would be MORE COOKIE CRUMBLES!! Those things are addicting.

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All in all, this is the perfect Saskatchewan ice cream summer time treat. Roughriders and ice cream – a little match made in heaven.

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Just a little video to show you what we\’re all about

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(Oh and those non-Saskatchewanians, the Roughriders is our Canadian Football League team and it’s literally a religion in our province. You want to show your rider pride on something guaranteed you’ll find it – whether thats a logo press for your hamburgers, toilet paper, windshield washer fluid, cereal, soup and even the ordinary items like jerseys, hats and flags. Just to put everything in perspective before thinking we’re completely off our rockers: The Saskatchewan Roughriders sell more in merchandise each year than all other CFL teams combine and more than any other Canadian NHL team. Yup. Told Ya. It’s a religion)

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Green is the color & ice cream is our game….Go out and try this awesome ice cream at Jerry’s in Saskatoon and don’t forget to shout out a good: GO RIDERS GO!

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Carlene & Bob

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P.S.┬áHere’s a cute little Rider fan just given’r:┬áRider Pride to California Girls

P.P.S. Enjoy some photos of the Jerry’s crew going down to Regina to celebrate the launch of this delicious ice cream at Mosaic Stadium with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


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2 responses to “Review: Jerry’s Roughrider Ice Cream

  1. Damn, I missed the launch. That’s what happens when you’re anal about your dental care and cannot miss a cleaning. I still need to get over to Jerry’s and try the ice cream… he’s my neighbour and I can’t look him in the eye until I’ve tried it. Did you get over to DavidsTea yet?

  2. YUM! I so can’t wait to get my butt home and try this ice cream. I’ll be bringing my cooler too – I anticipate I’ll be bringing some back to Edmonton with me to share with my friends here. Winning them all over to Rider Pride slowly but surely! :)

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