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DIY Lowel Ego Lights

Some of those who know me have been known to call me cheap…well I like to think i’m thrifty. Now is that such a bad thing? Certainly not when it comes to making your own photography accessories! Especially considering the price of some of the items out there. So in my “thriftyness” I was looking for a good solution for indoor photography lighting for my food and came across these Lowel EGO Lights which look great. Now I wasn’t so concerned with the price, as it was fairly reasonable for good photography lighting, my main concern was the fact that I live in Canada and I didn’t want to wait long to get these shipped. So off I went searching for Do-It-Yourself EGO lights and found several results and realize I could make these right away, not to mention they would be way cheaper as well! (Always a bonus for me).

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So here goes the Do- It-Yourself Guide (and for those who just prefer the ease of buying something, you can pick up a nice pair at amazon.com below!)
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Do-It-Yourself Lowel EGO Lights

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From Canadian Tire: (can also be found at other homestores like Home Depot or Rona)

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From Michaels Craft Store

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  • X-acto knife
  • Glue Gun
  • Ruler
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Click through to view all of the steps:

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