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Summer Puerco-Corn Soup

Summer Puerco Corn Soup | bsinthekitchen.com
This post is a continuation from our Caribbean Mango-Apple Pork Roast. We used the leftover pork to make this flavorful, fresh summer soup. Now let me quickly explain something, I hated the name Summer Pork-Corn Soup – it just doesn’t have that nice culinary ring to it. So I did a quick name/language change and called this soup Summer Puerco-Corn Soup, which Puerco meaning pork in Spanish. So much better sounding right BS’ers?!

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Okay, let’s cut the Chatty Cathy mode here and get straight to the recipe:

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This is a vegetable?! Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash | bsinthekitchen.com

Anyone out there hate eating vegetables or just find them a bit boring to eat? If so, I challenge you to run to your local grocery store and pick up a spaghetti squash. This little veggie bomb is surprisingly packed with taste, has a nice crunch to it and best of all, is very easy to make! Oh I guess I should mention it’s healthy too!

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