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The Mexican Grilled Cheese

April 19th, 2013 · 9 Comments · Cheese, Dinner, grilled cheese, Lunch, National Grilled Cheese Month, Sandwich

The Mexican Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #sandwich #bsinthekitchen

HOLY MOLY…feels like I stuffed half of Mexico inside me with this one i’m so full! Carbs on carbs on carbs, refried beans, spicy Mexican green sauce, fresh salsa, loads of cheese, queso fresco, avocado, the list goes on! My stomach can’t take it anymore! Visiting the local Mexican grocery store El Mercado Las Palapas for the first time, not only was I welcomed by wonderful Mexican goods, but by not-so-quiet whispers coming  from behind the cash register.

“He looks just like Damian Lewis!”…

Sorry ladies.

The Mexican Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #sandwich #bsinthekitchen

The Mexican Grilled Cheese
Recipe type: Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Fresh corn tortillas, refried beans, green sauce, queso fresco, the list goes on! This is one loaded grilled cheese!
  • 2 slice of french bread
  • butter
  • 1 fresh corn tortilla
  • vegetable oil
  • taco seasoning
  • 1 tbsp green Mexican sauce
  • 1 tbsp sour cream
  • ½ an avocado (sliced)
  • ½ cup Kraft 3 cheese Mexicana mix
  • 1 tbsp refried beans
  • 2 tbsp queso fresco cheese
  • ½ tsp ancho chili powder
  • --------
  • Salsa
  • -------
  • ½ medium sized tomato (chopped)
  • 1 thin slice of white onion (chopped)
  • leaves from 5 cilantro stalks
  • a few drops of lime juice
  • ¼ large clove of garlic (minced)
  • 3 tsp corn
  • salt & pepper
  1. In a pan on medium heat, add enough vegetable oil to fry corn tortilla, once heated, fry tortilla until golden brown and crispy.
  2. Once fried sprinkle tortilla with some taco seasoning (or salt & pepper if you have no taco seasoning).
  3. Butter the outside of each slice of bread.
  4. On the bottom slice, spread re-fried beans.
  5. Cut fried tortilla in half, place one half on top of re-fried beans.
  6. Sprinkle some of your Mexicana mix cheese on the tortilla, place your slices of avocado.
  7. If making fresh salsa, combine all of the salsa ingredients in a bowl, then place on top of avocado. If using canned salsa, place 1-2 tablespoons on avocado.
  8. Sprinkle queso fresco, chili powder and the rest of your Mexicana cheese mix on top of the salsa.
  9. Spread one tablespoon of sour cream and one tablespoon of Mexican green sauce on the inside of your top slice of bread, and place on sandwich.
  10. Place sandwich in pan, turn to medium heat, and cover pan. Cook until golden brown on each side.
  11. Serve with sour cream or salsa if desired.


Bob vs Damian

What do you guys think? Don’t mind my purple Instagram tan…

I let them down by announcing that I was in fact, not Damian Lewis, but assured them this was not my first time receiving that comparison. Leaving with empty hands, but a full ego, I knew it would not be my last time perusing the aisles of that quaint little Mexican grocer.

Fast forward a month, I joined Carlene shopping and found myself back in my favourite Mexican grocery store! This time, with National Grilled Cheese Month on my mind, I filled my bag with fresh handmade corn tortillas (they were still warm when I bought them!), queso fresco, refried beans, and ancho chilis.

The Mexican Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #sandwich #bsinthekitchen

Not to be disappointed, while I was not being confused with a celebrity this time, I did feel like one when we got to talking with one of the staff, only to find out she followed our blog! Well now! This store knows a thing or two about creating a repeat customer!



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