Crave Cupcakes is coming to Saskatoon!

Ah! Crave is coming to Saskatoon!!! I cannot believe this! I am beyond happy and just wanted to share my joy! (Hence the excessive use of exclamation marks). If anyone has ever been to Calgary, they will know that Crave has the BEST cupcakes hands down. EVER. Ah I am so excited!! For more information, check out Crave’s website.

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Okay I can die a happy person now. :)

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5 responses to “Crave Cupcakes is coming to Saskatoon!

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  2. Please, Please, Pleeeeeeaaaase come to Toronto!!! Best cupcakes I have ever had. Toronto would eat you up :)

  3. omg their peanut butter chocolate cupcakes are perfection.

  4. Oh nice – i haven’t been to one. Have to see if there is one in Seattle. . .

    • Sadly they are only in Western Canada :(

      If you ever come for a visit make sure to grab a Crave cupcake – absolutely delicious! Our personal favorite is the Crave-o-licious!

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