How to Grow Your Own Lentil Sprouts

Well my lentil kick continues and this time it’s a little bit different. This time it comes in the form of lentil sprouts. These sprouts have a nice flavour to them – similar to fresh garden peas and have a good crunch to them. ¬†They are great to use in sandwiches, eggs, soups or dressing meat dishes. Let’s get to the part where you learn how to grow these right in your kitchen!

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Find a shallow bowl (I used a french onion soup dish) or plate where your little lentils can grow and line the bowl with paper towel. Take your lentils (I used green lentils) and spread evenly on the bowl or plate and cover with water and let them soak overnight.

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In the morning, drain out all the water, leaving the lentils and paper towel still damp. Place another sheet of damp paper towel on top of the lentils and place the bowl in a sunny area.

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Always make sure the towels are damp, never soaked or dry. Once you notice little sprouts starting to break out of the lentils, remove the top layer of paper towel. Continue to water as needed and leave in a sunny area.

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Within a week or so you’ll have tasty little lentil sprouts to add to your meals! Just cut off and use. Yum, yum, yum!

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4 responses to “How to Grow Your Own Lentil Sprouts

  1. Water as normal? You are teaching us what is normal. Sprouts are my passion this coming-winter so please help.

  2. Fantastic. I just cleared my south window of all my starter plants… and it’s so awfully windy that I don’t feel like going out. This’ll be my evening project – that is, if I don’t get started on Angry Birds again.

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