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Dan's Good Side

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I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but BS’ers, I’d like to introduce you to one of my good friends, Danny Clapson, whose been a good friend of mine for years. We both go waaay back to our pet store days. Anyways, Danny now lives in Calgary and has also ventured into the world of food blogging with fabulous recipes such as Homemade Parmesan Tomato Sauce & Gnocchi and even a Mexican Citrus & Beer Soup!!

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So travel over and visit Dan’s Good Side: http://www.dansgoodside.com

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Here are some things you need to know about Danny:

  1. Poor grammar and spelling frustrates him to no end. Although, his spelling & grammar are not quite up to par.
  2. Buffy will forever be his favorite TV show.He usually watches the entire series at least once a year. And Angel too!!! (he’s officially a geek for life)
  3. His parrot, Zander-Bob, chewed through a electrical cord from a lamp while it was on and did not die……Maybe that explains his “unique” personality.
  4. He’s the kind of person who is funny almost all of the time, even when he says something inappropriate.
  5. If there was a job flying around North America trying to get every person to watch 30 Rock he would apply for it!
  6. He love comic books, and buys them every week!
  7. He’s never overly happy, sad, excited, angry, etc……He credits that to being raised by 2 doctors, but then again those traits would make him an excellent professional poker player…
  8. He takes pictures of food all the time…it is becoming a serious addiction of his.
  9. Simply Irresistible inspires him to cook great things even without having a magic crab!
  10. He’s an awesome friend and guaranteed if you ever meet him, he’d be your friend too!
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