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Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

July 25th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Dessert

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova |

Recently I was told I had to bring an appy to a dinner party that was in three hours – I quite easily could have been told prior to, but it completely slipped my mind. Anyways, I couldn’t leave home to go and grab groceries and was stuck to a limited fridge and pantry of food and thought “Oh F, what in the world am I going to make that people will like?”…. so I thought “ah, rhubarb crisp with frozen yogurt – the perfect summer staple”, so off to Taste Spotting I ran to search for a funky recipe (I didn’t feel like using my staple recipe), but instead came across another delicious delight: Pavlova.  I’ve never made it before, and its contains my largest baking fear: egg whites. But I thought, “Ah what the hell… Let’s just give it a try!”

Pavlova has pretty simple ingredients: Egg Whites & Sugar. You then add in any flavorings you wish. I chose chocolate. Here’s the recipe:

4 egg whites
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
30 grams dark chocolate, roughly chopped

**Note: If you want to try and make White Chocolate Pavlova, omit the cocoa powder and add white chocolate instead of dark chocolate. It’s a bit sweet when adding the white chocolate, so I’d recommend replacing the cocoa powder with almond flour.

1 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream mixed in with a table spoon of sugar and vanilla extract

**Note: You can also add 1 tsbp of Kahlua to make your whipped cream extra tasty! 🙂
2 pints raspberries (picked fresh from our garden of course)

Preheat the oven to 350˚F and line a baking tray with baking parchment (you can get cheap stuff at Walmart).

Beat the egg whites until satiny peaks form, and then beat in the sugar a spoonful at a time until the meringue is stiff and shiny. Sprinkle over the cocoa and the chopped chocolate. Gently fold everything until the cocoa is thoroughly mixed in. Mound on to a baking sheet in a circle approximately 8 inches in diameter, smoothing the sides and top.

Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova |

Place in the oven, then immediately turn the temperature down to 300˚F and bake for about 1 to 1:15 hours. When it’s ready it should look crisp around the edges and on the sides and be dry on top, but when you poke the centre you should feel a give beneath your fingers. Turn off the oven and open the door slightly, and let the chocolate meringue disc cool completely.

When you’re ready to serve, invert on to a big, flat-bottomed plate. Whisk the cream till thick but still soft and pile it on top of the meringue, then scatter the raspberries and enjoy!!

The Pavlova was a hit – even though my friends kept on trying to convince me that they were just eating it not make me feel bad…haha.

Recipe is originally from here.


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