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Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese

April 5th, 2013 · 30 Comments · Cheese, grilled cheese, National Grilled Cheese Month, Pasta

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #macaroni #bsinthekitchen

Cheese on cheese on cheese on carbs on carbs on carbs!!! If this grilled cheese could sing, that’s probably what it would be yelling at the top its cheesy lungs. Five grilled cheeses in, and i’m already talking about grilled cheeses singing and having lungs…it’s gonna be a long month.

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #macaroni #bsinthekitchen

Now this is nothing new (nor is anything under the sun), but since I had seen/heard about the idea so many times, I had to try one out for myself. Although I have no affinity for Kraft Dinner (like some do!), it was a delightful grilled cheese. PLENTY of cheesy flavour, crunch from the panko and fried KD patties, along with delicious caramelized cheese on the patties (mmmm caramelized). I’m not a plain pasta and sauce guy, I need a lil something else, and that something else is BACON. If I create this one again, bacon is definitely going to make an appearance! In fact, I would fry the bacon, then probably fry the KD patties in the bacon grease, AND THEN DIE.

So how about we get to this grilled cheese.

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #macaroni #bsinthekitchen

Frying the mac & cheese patties!

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese
Recipe type: Grilled Cheese
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Macaroni & cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. Need I say more?
  • 2 slices of french bread
  • 1 cup leftover macaroni & cheese pasta
  • panko bread crumbs
  • ½ (heaping) cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • butter
  • salt & pepper
  • ketchup (to serve with)
  1. Get a pan on medium heat with a chunk of butter.
  2. While pan is heating, in a bowl, mix macaroni & cheese, around 2 tablespoons of panko crumbs, a couple pinches of cheese, and salt & pepper to taste.
  3. Mix ingredients together, then form into patties, placing in heated pan.
  4. Cook until golden brown on each side.
  5. While the macaroni & cheese patties cook, prepare the rest of the sandwich.
  6. Butter the outside of each slice.
  7. Once buttered, take a plate with panko crumbs and press the buttered side of each slice into the pankos to crust the sandwich.
  8. Place about half of the cheese on the bottom slice.
  9. Once patties are cooked, add it on top of cheese, then top with more cheese, and other slice of bread.
  10. Fry until golden brown on each side.

Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese | #grilledcheese #macaroni #bsinthekitchen




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