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A Black & White Affair: Bring your bowties! (aka Potato Bacon Pasta)

January 10th, 2011 · 25 Comments · Easy, Pasta

Today I bring you my Christmas present. Well one of them.

Carlene bought me some fancy black and white farfalle pasta (now pasta for Christmas would be like coal for some people, but I was excited!) for exclusive use with the blog and I finally got around to cooking it. I was really hungry and wasn’t sure how to use it, so I went for something quick and simple.

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Now let’s get to the recipe!

Potato Bacon Pasta

  • 1 Can of Campbell’s cream of potato soup (284 ml)
  • milk
  • bacon
  • white onion
  • 250 grams of pasta

First things first, bring a pot full of water to a boil and put your pasta in, cooking until desired tenderness. While all this is going on grab a sauce pan and two frying pans to caramelize your onions and fry your bacon. Typically when somebody cooks bacon in our house, we make lots and just freeze the leftovers, so in my case I just took it out of the freezer and added it to the sauce. But for those who have no bacon you’ll have to fry some up! For your onions just add about a tablespoon of butter to your pan and add as much sliced onion as you would like (I used about half an onion) cooking on medium heat until caramelized.

While this is happening dump the contents of the cream of potato soup into your sauce pan, cooking on medium heat and adding milk until you reach a consistency you like. Once the soup mix begins to smooth out add your bacon and let it cook until your pasta is cooked. Once everything is done, strain your pasta, put it back in the pot or a serving bowl, add the onions and sauce and mix it all up. That’s it!

My favorite kind of recipe, nice and easy!



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