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Bodum BISTRO Immersion Blender & Mixing Bowl Review + GIVEAWAY

May 6th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Give Away, Prize, Review

Bodum BISTRO Immersion Blender Review + GIVEAWAY | #bodum #review #bsinthekitchen

Let’s start this post with a little disclaimer. Yes, Bodum sent this stuff for free, no I’m not gonna suck up to them, if this product actually sucked, I would let you know! Besides we will be GIVING AWAY a FREE Immersion blender and set of mixing bowls to one lucky reader, and we wouldn’t want to give you something that we didn’t like, even if it is free! So let’s get started on this BS’ in the Kitchen “No BS” review!

BS' in the Kitchen "No BS" Review - Bodum BISTRO Immersion Blender & Mixing Bowls


First off, I will briefly talk about the mixing bowls, as there isn’t much to say! I have no complaints whatsoever with the mixing bowls. They are nice and deep so you don’t have to worry about your ingredients flying everywhere, and I really like the rubberized base, which gives the bowl a good grip in your hands, as well as on the counter! Two thumbs up for the mixing bowls! 

Bodum BISTRO Immersion Blender Review + GIVEAWAY | #bodum #review #bsinthekitchen

Now on to the main attraction: The immersion blender! I was pleasantly surprised with how great this thing worked. Having been disappointed by lack of power and build quality in other immersion blenders that I’ve used (wall powered ones, as well as battery powered ones), I was definitely happy when I picked this thing up and gave it a whirl the first time. It felt solid, fit in my hand nicely, and had some good torque (ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH – Home Improvement anyone?).

The immersion blender has two speeds, three attachments (multi-blade, whisk, and beater – plus a tool to remove them), and a handy little mixing beaker. This immersion blender is meant for your everyday home use, not big jobs with large quantities of food. In the instruction manual it states that the blender should not be operated for more than one minute at a time, and should be used with quantities of food ranging from 100-400 grams. At first I was skeptical of the whole one minute thing, but after using it, I never had any issues, and it completed all the jobs I used it for very quickly (surprisingly quick actually!).

Bodum BISTRO Immersion Blender Review + GIVEAWAY | #bodum #review #bsinthekitchen

Attachment Remover Tool (left) + Beater, Whisk & Multi-Blade Attachments (top to bottom)

This tackled frozen bananas/smoothies, mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, Matcha green tea lattes (frothing milk & matcha green tea powder), & whipped cream without a problem. I even ground coffee beans with it, even though it said not to and it worked great (what can I say i’m a rebel!).

Of course I had to push the limits a bit! So I decided to try making almond butter, which usually takes longer than a minutes to make. Using a couple handfuls of almonds (about 60 grams), and pulsing for 2-3 minutes I was rewarded with delicious almond butter! Check out this video I put together testing out each attachment!

Now I can’t just go through this whole review without pointing out a few flaws/improvements that could be made. First up, those damn attachments! Nothing was wrong with them, I just wish there was a place in the handle to store them, kind of like those multi-screwdrivers that have compartments to store each bit. If not a compartment, a small bag that could attach to the blender when in storage, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

Second potential issue, is the fact that while the stainless steel is nice, it may not be ideal for some home cooks as the stainless steel could potentially scratch up non-stick pans.

Lastly, the cord length may be a little on the short side for people who don’t have outlets along their kitchen counters. This can be used with an extension cord, just make sure you follow the instruction manual.

Even though there is some room for improvement (as with most things), I was very happy with how the immersion blender worked, and I would have no problem recommending it to any of you guys, or giving it away for free! Check out the giveaway below, there are several ways to enter, the more options you pick the more entries you get!



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  • Rebecca

    I have one of these and they are great, BUT I agree with the whole “having a place to store the attachments” thing! I’ve actually lost all three of them and am currently trying to find out where I can buy replacements!! So frustrating!!!

  • Anthony

    Great blog, I love the mixing bowl

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