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Special Delivery From Crave Cupcakes Saskatoon for Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment · cake, Candy, Cookies, cupcake, Dessert, Just for Fun

So I have to admit – this was probably one of the best surprises I’ve received in a long time – if not the best surprise I’ve ever recieved! What is the surprise you ask? While at work this week, I got called to the front desk and waiting for me was a gift from Crave Cupcakes. Now, this wasn’t just a cupcake or two… no it was a whole loot from Crave with all their Valentine’s Day goodies. I was so pumped to get these home and sample them! Before you even finish reading this post to see what we all go – if you live in Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon RUN (and fast) to your nearest crave and get their chocolate tart…. why are you still reading?? I said RUN!!!

In the whole Crave loot package we got some of their adorable Valentine mini cupcakes which are Crave’s classic vanilla and chocolate cakes with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry buttercream icing and decorated with little heart sprinkles. Cuteness in a cupcake (gentlemen – these would be great to surprise your sweetie on Valentine’s Day!). Also for anyone who hasn’t experienced a Crave Cupcake before – I strongly suggest you do. Their buttercream is amazing and the best I’ve ever had.

Another little package in the loot was some of their February’s Cupcake Craving of the Month. These bad boys were chocolate  cakes filled with delicious sour cherries then topped with a mouth watering chocolate ganache infused with kirsch icing. WOW! I can see why these cupcakes would be the month of love’s honorary cupcakes – dark, secretive and sexy.

And the last little baking delight of the bunch and by far the BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN – their Chocolate Tart. Which doesn’t even have words to describe how delicious, decadent and mouth watering  these tarts were. The tarts themselves were filled with a vanilla bean infused carmel topped with a Valrohnoa Caramelia Milk Chocolate ganache and then lightly garnished with sea salt. Seriously BS’ers, I ate my tart three days ago and I still can’t compose a proper sentence after this foodgasm. Please, just do yourself you’re biggest favour and go get one of these tarts before they are gone at the end of February.

Like I said before, this was the best Valentine’s Day present a girl could have asked for. Crave – you were a favourite of mine when I had my first Crave-o-licious cupcake in Calgary in 2008, but after this unexpected gift – you’ve knocked my socks off and then some. Not only is your baking always amazing, but your sense of business is spectacular! As a business and marketing professional, the hand written card (from the co-founders, Carolyne & Jodi themselves!) was such a nice, heart filled touch that i really enjoyed. I will be framing this and be hanging it in my office as a commemorative blogging moment . 🙂

Thank-you is not enough! Thank-you for all of the cupcake love. Also don’t hesitate to send more of those chocolate tarts… hahaha just kidding! Thank-yo Crave Cookies & Cupcakes!


(P.S. Some BS’ers may wonder if this post was sponsored on behalf of Crave – no it wasn’t. This gift was totally unexpected when it showed up at my office. I decided to blog about the gift because of the pure surprise and the chocolate tart was mind blowing and just wanted to share that experience 🙂 After all – what a better way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day than some delicious chocolate goodies.)


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  • Laura@alwaysroom4dessert

    I worked at Crave as a baker in the first few years they were starting up. After my interview they invited me to join the rest of the staff in a brownie taste test trial. That’s when u knew FOR SURE I wanted to work there 🙂 Carolyne and Jodi are two of the most genuine, caring individuals and the best bosses I’ve ever had. Nothing but love for them and oh man do I miss their cupcakes and cookies! ( in Vancouver now, nothing compares).

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