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Barbecued Elk Roast

August 2nd, 2010 · No Comments · Barbecue, Red Meat, Roast

Barbecued Elk Roast |

It’s about time for some DS In The kitchen, that’s right, Dad and Son! Oh what a combo we make!

We had Dave on the Elk Roast and myself adding some input on the seasoning and taking care of the potatoes. First off we seasoned the elk roast with some Cavendar’s Greek Spice and browned the outside in a pan with some olive oil. Once this was done we poked a hole in the middle of the elk roast so we could secure it on the meat holder (whatever it’s called??). Since we had to put a hole in the center of the roast, I figured we might as well stuff it with some flavouring right? So, on we went putting lots of garlic cloves and greek spice into the center of the roast.


Barbecued Elk Roast |

The roast cooked on the barbecue for just over two hours (I think on medium-high, not to sure though, you’d have to ask Dave!) until the meat thermometer hit 130 degrees. We smothered it with barbecue sauce in the last half an hour and when we took it off it and sliced it up, it was delicious! Elk is a very lean meat so we didn’t want to overcook it and so what we had was a very nice and tender medium rare roast.

Barbecued Elk Roast |

I kept the potatoes fairly simple, with some olive oil, chives, salt, pepper, red onions and a little bit of bacon. They came out nice and crisp (just how I like them) and as always went great with the meat. Some roasted tomatoes also helped to add a nice bit of colour to the meal as well.

Barbecued Elk Roast |

This recipe will mark the first father and son blogging moment (and oh what a moment it was!) and hopefully we can try a few more manly recipes together and post them for your viewing pleasure!

Barbecued Elk Roast |

Over and Out!

– The Power Duo.

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  • Maryann

    Uncle Alex would be proud to have his elk featured…now we just have to show him how to use the computer! Dad liked the post!

  • Angie

    Love it!!
    We have had elk steaks before but not a roast…I love elk b/c it is so lean 🙂
    Keep up the great food blogging!

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